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    Welcome to my blog!

    This is where I share my sewing tips and techniques. I also share links to other sites I find interest in.... my overall interest in my sewing adventures as time moves forward.

    I hope you find it useful. Please! If you have any suggestions let me know.

Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ-1 Fabric Test

In this video I demonstrate the Sailrite LSZ-1 Sewing Machine’s ability to sew through a variety of fabrics. I had no doubt the machine could sew through heavy materials, but how did it handle lighter weight fabrics was the question. Follow along as I do my test:

While capturing this video I noticed a rubbing belt sound when sewing slowly or in reverse. I took off the the wheel and belt cover and discovered the pulley was out of alignment (see image below).


After sending the above image to Sailrite Matt gave me a call. He said this was acceptable to them and it should not cause any problems. This may or maynot be true, but I expect a belt pulley to be in line with the belt in order to not cause undue wear, rubbing and friction.

I ended up returning the machine to Sailrite within their 30 day full refund period.

Otherwise, I found this to be a well built machine and I would have kept it if not for the above problem.

Singer Scholastic Thread Guide Issue

I received the new Singer Scholastic Serger  recently introduced by  HSN and upon first use I discovered an issue that might affect users of this machine. In this video I demonstrate what my discovery was and how to avoid it.