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    Welcome to my blog!

    This is where I share my sewing tips and techniques. I also share links to other sites I find interest in.... my overall interest in my sewing adventures as time moves forward.

    I hope you find it useful. Please! If you have any suggestions let me know.

Bobbin Tension Technique

This is a technique that has been used in the industry for decades. The idea is to provide a starting point for adjusting your bobbin tension when changing threads. 99% of the time no additional changes are needed after learning this technique. Through repetition one learns exactly what is needed to successfully set the tension.

Joining elastic ends technique

I don’t care much at all for the overlapping the ends of elastic technique. I find the double bulk of elastic very annoying. In this video I show you how to join the ends using variable width zig-zag stitches in a why where you can even feel the seam if you run your hand across it.

Give it a try and I’ll bet you never go back to overlapping your elastic seams.


Basting before sewing your coverstitch hem

In this video I show how I baste my coverstitch hem line and use it as a guide when sewing the coverstitch. This results in perfect looper coverage on the raw seam line on the backside of the garment. The additional benefit is this keeps the side seams lined up perfectly – where without basting stitches many people report problems in doing this.